Have you been to Maison Clad?

Last weekend all Dubai roads led to Maison Clad, a concept that tailors fashion to create individual style. Focused on emerging designers and limited edition pieces from all over the world, Maison Clad not only offers shopping but a commitment to make you unique. Tada! Available online, by appointment or pop-up stores, it’s no surprise that their collections are often sold out in a matter of days.

Earlier that week, I was given exclusive access to preview and rock (literally) their newest spring collection. What do I mean by “rock”? It all started early Monday morning. Barefaced with air-dry hair on ridiculously high stilettos, I rushed the streets of Dubai downtown dragging a suitcase with everything a model may need: a bottle of water, red lipstick, a pair of sneakers and an invitation to be a part of a fashion show. Ooh la la! A fancy looking crowd gathering around La Serre indicated that despite my parking luck I was slightly late. On arrival I was immediately grabbed by the very beautiful hairstylist Dina from La Loge salon who, without any questions, transformed my locks into a Greek Goddess hair-do (those hair tricks were performed by professionals please do not repeat at home).

Meanwhile a curious looking make-up artist studied my face with a great suspicion. “Lack of sleep, addiction to coffee and chronic dryness. Well, nothing Mac can’t fix,” she said and I smiled in relief. Fifteen minutes later I was hardly recognizable.

Changed into my first look, a goldfish dress by French designer Albi de Corbiac, I was ready to join the glam squad and appear on the stage.

The beat was on and the audience was anxious, but first “let me take a selfie”…

The show was a hit! Designed to reflect current street styles loved by all – hipsters, yuppies, fancy people and other important elements of society, the outfits stirred significant photographer attention and whispers in the crowd. Meanwhile, models who resembled girls and boys next door rather than pale nymphs were having fun walking, interacting and dancing to beats.

My favorite piece was a breathtaking long gown handmade by French couturier Albi de Corbiac.


Hope to see you at La Serrre on Feb 25th and 26th. Remember if you stick around right after the show you may get a chance to hang out with models and get style advice from Coralie, the founder of Maison Clad.

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