HydroFacial @Silkor

Heat, sunshine, deadlines, air conditioning, sugar, carbs and dancing nights away (my favourite) are 7 common challenges among hundreds we face to keep skin glowing with joy not wrinkles. Frankly, my lifestyle has never been an example of a perfect combination of self control with established beauty routines. Don’t believe me? Review my Instagram. That’s why once every couple of weeks I must relay on professionals specializing in fixing fancy faces of fancy girls like me. So here I’m barging into Silkor after partying hard the previous night.

Luckily, being a regular is an advantage; they love me just the way I am and are always ready to help. This time we sat down with Manel, a beauty therapist, to discuss everybody’s recent obsession the #HydroFacial.

Soothed by a professional opinion that this monthly treatment targets most of my concerns – enlarged pores, pigmentation, pimples, dehydration, lack of elasticity and other crazy things only girls can see in themselves, I had to try it immediately.

Usually this treatment starts with a make-up removal, and even though I had none, Manel gently insisted we follow the procedure. Then my face was dully examined under a bright light with of a magic glass (that’s what it’s called, right?). Did I say how pleasant it was to lie down in the air conditioned room listening to spa music? Total bliss!

The super smart machine started dictating the 5 necessary “Vortex” steps: exfoliation, peel, extraction, a boost followed by a fusion (antiox serum). Each step could be slightly modified addressing a particular skin problem or a worry.

I was pretty much done in 40 minutes but it felt even quicker as I managed to comfortably fall asleep. When I woke up my eyes were covered with a collagen sheet mask while Manel moved a roller with a red light to renew, regenerate and refresh.

My skin felt plumper, cooler, softer and there was no redness. No one would find out I went for a facial and instead believe I’m a natural forever young super beauty.

Remember! Always speak to a professional prior to trying HydroFacial or any other treatment. Drink water, exercise, wear sunblock and feel beautiful because you are!

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