Iftar at Palermo, Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

On a search for the best Dubai Iftar experience I stopped at Dubai Polo Club in Arabian Ranches. Surrounded by posh mansions and lush gardens in the best tradition of Dubai desert architecture, the place had a surprisingly wonderful vibe of Mediterranean countryside with its greenery, warmth and cosiness.

Needless to say that the presence of stables completed the illusion.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.40.12 AM

Usually Iftar, the Ramadan fast-breaking dinner, starts when the last sun rays disappear below the horizon. Each day a precise moment is officially announced, which in local time is currently a few minutes after 7pm. I, however, had decided to take advantage of Club’s cool summer offers prior to dinner. It’s very difficult to stay in “top girl shape” when tempted by Ramadan-inspired delicacies.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.30.03 AM.png

My gym routine varies from time to a time, but I try to kick-off with 15-20 minutes warm-up on cardio-killing machines or on a bike followed by weight-lifting and mat exercises. You probably remember my New Year resolution to shape-up, if not – click here. There I was, a smiley girl on a swiss ball.

Wearing my favorite Zumbawear zumba.com

Even in the middle of Dubai summer, once done with machines I love spending a few minutes in the open air catching my breath. That evening, all I had to do was change into my pretty Let’s Beach swimwear and run.

Conveniently, the Club’s outdoor pool gets shady late in the afternoon making it a perfect spot to splash, swim and boomerang 🙂

As it was getting late, and my hunger triggered by numerous sit-ups grew wildly, I skipped the incredibly relaxing jacuzzi and hurried up to Palermo.

Palermo, a charming little restaurant with views on the polo fields didn’t disappoint! I started my Iftar with a few sips of water, while chewing on dates and keeping an eye on the complete transition to nighttime outside. Additional lights were brought to life in the fields, turning the dark silhouettes of knights into gorgeous horses and gracious riders. The appearance of lentil soup stole my attention as it was intended to be eaten hot.

What more could I wish for! Oh, wait…

P.S. Palermo will be serving Iftar until the end of Ramadan. Booking is required. For more head to My Dubai Ramadan or Polo Club site.

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