Surf or Turf

Seafood or red meat? A age-old question with an easy response: both, please!


Brainstormed into existence by four friends on a roof in London, the concept of perfecting just a few main items on a gourmet restaurant menu was quite brave back in 2011. Several years later Burger & Lobster is operating in 8 countries and 9 cities including Dubai.


Close proximity to Dubai International Financial Center positions Burger & Lobster as a cool spot for business lunch or drinks and dinner. With complimentary valet parking and a location identified on Google maps, the restaurant is easy to access at any day and time of the week. I stopped by on Friday afternoon for all day power breakfast.


Burger & Lobster stands out by adding a touch of humour to signs and wall posters hanging right next to bright red seats. Exposed brick, cage-like dividers, wooden flooring and industrial lights contribute to a cosmopolitan look that could be anywhere in the world.

The open kitchen run by chef Hicham Salami resembles a TV reality show and is quite entertaining. After a quick convincing chat with my hostess, I was introduced to Chef Hicham who let me watch my order being created.

The Posho is as posh as it sounds, a fluffy omelet prepared with slices of lobster and served on lightly toasted English muffins topped with a generous serving of caviar, seared lobster, chives, chopped watercress and Dubai’s favorite truffle oil. Roasted potato wedges, mushrooms and tomatoes transform this dish into a meal for two. Truffle oil acts as an enhancer for all flavours.

Paired with fresh orange and watermelon juice, my breakfast transformed into a real Friday treat and charged me with good energy and delicious ingredients. Not to mention a fantastic apron provided to me as a part of dining ritual.

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