SpiceKlub in Dubai

In recent years Dubai experienced a serious restaurant boom rapidly introducing vibrant cuisines from every corner of the world. Dining in the city has never been so challenging for restaurateurs and so fun for us, the foodies. Indian food, for example. A few years ago all I dreamed of was a nicely spiced biryani or an occasional serving of butter chicken. Today the variety of options is overwhelming: street, vegetarian, fine, casual, fancy, authentic, vegan, etc. SpiceKlub went the extra mile offering molecular gastronomy created to surprise and delight.


The experience starts with the interior design created to commemorate childhood memories and the atmosphere of happy family gathering around the table. Hard to imagine but nonetheless true, the entire wall was hand-painted by one of the owners and his wife (who he said did a better job).


As SpiceKlub serves only chilled beverages, I skipped my obligatory karak chai ritual and focused on exotic mocktails instead.

The frozen coconut water had an incredible texture of smooth sorbet topped with a rose-water caviar. Similar feelings occurred when I had a sip (maybe a bite is a more accurate verb) of a delightful mango on the rocks. Both mocktails were perfect to cool down the heat of spiciness and sauces which I generously poured on top of every appetizer. My server, Terence, who watched my manipulations with a little curiosity, was excellent in suggesting a perfect pair: food vs sauce. Crunchy Corn Tikki for example tasted unbelievable with a few drops of sweet Tamarind sauce.

Galouti Kebab made of mixed vegetable had a lovely heat. Papdi Chaat’s coriander foam added a lovely fancy touch to the dish however my favorite starter of the night was traditional Pani Puri served with a side of a tubes filled with spicy green juice that warmed my soul.


As every Indian meal in incomplete without naan soaked in curries, I felt obliged to try the sun-dried Tomato Naan and Vegetarian Makhanwala. Yummmm…

As we debated “to have or not to have a dessert”, I spotted kids passionately creating something at the table with a help of a server. To my surprise, it was an ice-cream making master class available together with an order of Old School Lollies. I couldn’t resist. A few minutes later I was holding my breath trying to carve a perfect dolly a surface cooled by liquid nitrogen.


What a dinner!

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