Cuisinero Uno, Dubai

Cuisinero Uno at Steigenberger Hotel is hip and edgy, a rare find in the otherwise quite serious Business Bay district. Run by inspiring young chef John Buenaventura, the cuisine is driven by his sense of humour and skill, polished at the top Dubai restaurants he eventually left to open his own.


I went to Cuisinero Uno for the Mexican themed brunch to experience the energy-thrilled vibe everyone’s talking about. To get me in the mood, a make-up artist transformed my otherwise boring make-up into “Dubai party girl”, with sparkles and glitter. The most popular looks however included the famous “Desperados” and “Fiesta de los Muertos”, but I needed a little bit more tequila to brave those.


The tequila bar, wisely placed very close to the entrance, was operating at full capacity. Bartenders who resembled characters from Tarantino’s “From Dusk till Dawn” casually juggled bottles and glasses, giggling and mixing cocktails to remember. Needless to say, no one was shy on tequila.

Simultaneously, a beautiful DJ played irresistible weekend tunes right next to the “Socialize” graffiti. I needed no more cues to shake off the week’s stress and get my appetite going “La Cucaracha” style.


Meanwhile lines were building up at the buffet and live kitchen stations. It was hard to stay away any longer. I particularly fell in love with burritos spiced up to my liking, crunchy nachos and juicy roasted chicken.

When the party was ending no one seemed in a hurry to leave. Unexpectedly, an incredible event occurred out of nowhere. As we danced and cheered we noticed chef John walking around and tried to make eye contact. A few minutes later, surrounded by other guests, we were laughing at chef’s jokes and stories. To our surprise, he decided to step in and present his famous “Mess” (an enormous dessert) to the audience.

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