Alloro, Festa di Famiglia

Dubai Marina is a busy, vibrant neighbourhood with mostly hotels and residential buildings where young families and expats share space. Loved by tourists for close proximity to the beach, and opportunities for fantastic night photography, the Marina has a lot to offer. Think terraces with views on the water canal, exciting boat rides, food for every taste, and Dubai’s long loved tradition of Friday brunches.


Alloro’s Festa di Famiglia at Wyndham hotel stands out with a distinctive relaxed feel and stress-free dress code. It encourages lazing around the whole morning, letting cooking be someone else’s worry.


Another highlight is the focus on creating a lovely family vibe, perfect for visiting parents or smaller children, as opposed to other circus style Friday events. Both indoor and outdoor seating areas are spacious with potted plants, wooden motives and soft light. While walking through the courtyard to a table, a live band immediately charms you with their jazzy interpretations of popular tunes.


The menu is in two languages, English and Italian, with delightful interpretations of familiar sounding dishes. Every “bruncheree” receives a list of dishes plus beverages to expect and recognize and that’s it. No pressure to walk to the bar or expectations to make important food decisions. Just sit down to enjoy a chat or a little private concert played in front of you.


When the plate of anti pasti (very Italian selection including a pizzeretto) arrived, the sound of forks and knives overwhelmed the buzz of conversation, resembling a Sunday family gathering scene from the Sopranos. With bottles of olive oil and pieces of soft dipping bread traveling between tables, it was a perfect allegory for the popular show.


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